No WSIB Claim Number is needed to initiate physiotherapy care!

At Nickel Ridge Physiotherapy it is our belief that everyone has the right to access care regardless of the funding stream that they are going through. WSIB claims are often dismissed at physiotherapy clinics due to the amount of paperwork and the funding structure. But is this the patient’s fault? They were simply injured at work and were told by their employer or physician to complete the forms. We are happy to serve you under your WSIB claim.

Please make sure to contact WSIB prior to booking your visit to ensure that you are completing the appropriate paperwork. YOU DO NOT NEED A WSIB CLAIM NUMBER TO BEGIN PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

You have the right to choose your provider!

A lot of people have the misconception that they need to go where their insurance provider tells them because they received a list in the mail. This is not the case. You, as a patient, have the right to choose your provider. Insurance companies have preferred provider networks established with some rehabilitation companies to ensure that their patients have ease of access, but this may not mean that their preferred providers are right for you. Explore your options and find the place that suits your needs. We are happy to provide physiotherapy and massage therapy services to ALL motor vehicle insurance companies.

Veterans Affairs

We are proud to serve the women and men that have served our country!

We accept all Veterans Affairs patients through BlueCross. We even offer direct billing to Veterans Affairs so that you do not have to spend money out of your own pocket. If you sustained an injury during your service or are currently under a rehabilitation program with VA, please contact your case manager to notify them of your assessment/treatment. They often want us to communicate with them under the rehabilitation programs.