We welcome all new patients to the clinic! Before arrival, we ask that you complete our intake form which you will be able to access HERE.

Your first visit with the Naturopathic Doctor can be up to 1.5 hours, and will include an extensive review of your medical and psychosocial history. Your second visit can be 45 minutes to an hour and will include a physical exam to assess the overall health of your organ systems and your biomechanics, and will include a large education component to help you better understand your own body better. It is important that we get a thorough understanding of your case and determine the root cause of your ailment in order to prescribe the most effective treatment plan. Any treatment options will be discussed with you prior to implementation, and will most definitely take your views and opinions into account. A treatment plan is only good if the patient has confidence in it, and is willing to do their part, so we emphasize cooperative treatment plan design. For the most part, subsequent follow-up visits will be 30 minutes. Frequently supplements will be prescribed in the first few visits, but are usually only as a temporary boost to help rebalance your system. The ultimate goal is to return your body to a state of self-sufficient equilibrium.



PageLines- MagnoliaBlossoms.jpgIf you live out of town, or if your schedule doesn’t easily permit face-to-face appointments, you have the option of online naturopathic visits via Skype. Call or email us for details, and when you’re scheduled, please sign in below.