Are you tired of overpaying for custom orthotics? At Nickel Ridge Physiotherapy, we strive to provide easier access to the support that you need to make your next step a pain-free one. Our orthotics are provided through Atlas Orthotic Lab in Stoney Creek, Ontario and you will have your choice of over 2000 different shoes through their online catalogue. Get the highest quality brand names including Asics, New Balance, Ecco, Nike, Adidas, Clarks, Birkenstocks and much much more. Now you can combine them with your favourite shoe to get the most comfortable fit.

Atlas Orthotics Lab

View their full line of shoes at Atlas Footwear Direct.


Contrary to what a lot of professionals may tell you, they are not a one-size fits all solution. Not everyone needs to use foot orthoses to correct their foot pain. Generally speaking, they are used as a means to correct any structural variances in the foot that are effecting the biomechanics of running or walking but are not amenable to traditional exercises/physiotherapy interventions or where those interventions are only offering temporary symptom relief. At Nickel Ridge Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves in our honest approach to all of your health care needs – if you do not require orthotics, you will be educated on the more appropriate course of treatment that may be more beneficial.


The current orthotic market is operating on close to a 400% mark up on their products, which is making it increasingly more difficult for people to afford what they need as employers continue to cut their benefit coverage. At Nickel Ridge Physiotherapy, we are more concerned with providing you with the help you need than trying to maximize profits. The orthotics provided are of equivocal manufacturing standards to those provided by a chiropodist or podiatrist – we simply made the mark-up more reasonable so that you can get an orthotic and a pair of shoes for what you will pay for just the orthotic. Even worse still is that they also charge you for the consult – if you purchase an orthotic, your assessment and follow-up fees will be waived.


There is nothing worse than trying to fix a problem only to suffer even more with the solution. Unfortunately, like most things that are good for you, there are some growing pains when it comes to orthotics. Because we are altering the structure and/or biomechanics of the foot, it will take a bit of time for the muscles in the foot to adapt to their new position. You will be educated on the gradual incorporation of the orthotic into your everyday and leisure activities.


Every provider of orthotics seems to leave this part out of their website and tell you once you’re already done your consult. We are all about transparency and thus, we have provided the full fee schedule below:

Adults/Teenagers (Over 12 years of age)

1 pair of orthotics = $350

1 pair + 1 pair of shoes = $500

2 pairs = $500

2 pairs + 1 pair of shoes = $650

2 pairs + 2 pair of shoes = $850

Youth (12 years old and younger)

We offer a youth pricing program to allow your child’s orthotics to grow with them.

1 pair of orthotics = $300

1 pair + 1 pair of shoes = $450

2 pairs = $450

2 pairs + 1 pair of shoes = $600

2 pairs + 2 pair of shoes = $800

Each additional orthotic within an 18 month period will be $200 to allow their orthotics to grow with them.