Our incredible naturopathic doctor, Dr. Sarah Goulding, is always looking for ways to bring her knowledge of naturopathic medicine to a wider audience. What better way to do that than to provide you with clinical tidbits right at your fingertips? With just a click on the link below you will gain access to her Naturopathic Blog where she will provide you with the latest tips and tricks to help manage your health.

You are a complex network of moving parts working in unison. If one system struggles usually others are affected. It is often difficult to understand the consequences of how one system comes to effect another without the appropriate knowledge, which often leads to confusion about the symptoms we are experiencing.

Knowledge is our key tool to manage the many difficulties that we face in the journey to optimizing our health. Naturopathic medicine strives to provide individuals with this tool to help guide their decisions both in their diet and lifestyle choices. It is often difficult for us to take a step back and objectively evaluate the decisions we are making and how they impact our health when we don’t have the necessary background information to assess our choices.

Although the information on Dr. Sarah Goulding’s Naturopathic Medicine Blog is not necessarily specific to your case, it can provide you with some framework for your decisions. If you want to know more about how these topics may relate to you or your complaints, book an appointment with one of our Naturopaths for a detailed assessment of your concerns and they will work with you to establish a plan to take your challenges.

Check out Sarah’s Naturopathic Medicine Blog

If you have read through this information and you are still unsure whether naturopathic medicine can benefit you, please email dr.sarah.nd@nickelridge.ca and she can help guide you.