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We use ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge to provide patients with honest and reliable complementary health care that addresses the root cause of illness and injury allowing their bodies to bounce back towards optimal health.

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Mission Statement

We are a team of health care providers whom work together towards the common goal of returning our patients to optimal health. We choose to value treatment results over treatment frequency, and truly have our patients’ best interest at the core of our recommendations.

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Mission Statement

By phone – (705)586-3230

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In person – 1177 Barrydowne Rd, Sudbury

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Back to Basics – returning to a lifestyle that we have evolved to handle

The more I practice, and the more I learn about medicine, the more I realize how simple we are. No matter what new innovations arise, the true path to healing and wellness is in diet and exercise, and the avoidance of chemicals and toxins that our prehistoric selves would not have seen. Evolution is the process by which organisms...

Reduce your toxic load to boost fertility

Prepping your body and environment for pregnancy is a big deal. A couple hundred years ago new mom would have MANY issues to problem solve, but for modern day women, we really have to protect ourselves from the onslaught of thousands of chemicals in our everyday lives that are new and mostly untested. And though it’s impossible for us...

Varicose Veins – mechanism + natural treatment approach

I love varicose veins! Really I do. Just like other symptoms, they are the body giving us a clue about what’s going on underneath the hood. Like a little heads-up for work that needs to be done now to prevent more serious symptoms down the line. For some people varicose veins are painful, but usually these aren’t painful right...

Summertime caffeine-free challenge!

Let the sunshine wake you up this summer instead Recently asked to go totally caffeine-free by my ND, I’ve eliminated my measly one cup (or two) of black tea per day. That’s it! Just one little cup (or two) of TEA. And yet, without it I feel SO SO much better. Again a simple intervention (or more accurately, removal...

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